Katz has "a distinctive voice and a clear mastery of the medium...[with a] delightful ability to use her images wordlessly to create witty and tender stories. Her expressive figures communicate human situations and conditions that stimulate and satisfy the imagination. Her sensitivity to the pacing of and the relationship between multiple and sequencial images is superb."
  - Roberta Waddell, then Curator of Prints, New York Public Library, NY

"Babette Katz is...a pantomime humorist...YARN is a gleeful little visual tale about an industrious old woman and a pair of knitting needles...AT THE BEACH, a darker tale, turns classic tragedy into a comic book.
  - Nancy Princenthal, Print Collector's Newsletter

MY FLAG, "a moving story without words of the pain and struggle of people who come to the United States [is] a stunning statement."
  - Judith Hoffberg, Umbrella

MY FLAG "is just wonderful with lots of color, excitement, symbolism and enthusiasm packed into a small format and immaculately produced with imagination and skill."
  - Wm. J. Dane, then Supervising Librarian, Special Collections, Newark Public Library, NJ

"Katz is a master at distilling the essence of activities and events within a limited vernacular and palette."
  - Kate Jennings, Greenwich News

"I have admired Babette Katz's work for many years and have strong conviction that her books are objects of true artistic significance in their synthesis of plot and illustration. I have encouraged her to seek publication over a period of several years and was delighted to learn that the Visual Studies Workshop shared my high regard for her talents now.
  - the late M.J. Gladstone, then Editor-in-Chief for the Publishing Center for Cultural Resource

THE DIVA SUITE series is "quite outstanding, both as artistic works and as 'portraits' of these personalities."
  - Dorothy Swerdlove, then Curator of the Billy Rose Theatre Collection at Lincoln Center

THE DIVA SUITE images are "wonderful - daringly unique and with distinctive personalities capturing the essence of each performer."
  - Bob Taylor, then Curator at the Museum of the City of New York